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Smoking hot Hungarian Fox Twins Nikky and Kitty are one fervently sexual pair of dames with cute tiny little tits and tiny asses. Sporting meticulously shaved pussies, slippery lips and beautiful “fuck me now” eyes, this pair are the epitome of every man’s fantasy cum true and I caught a 5-day sex adventure on film that you will be BEGGING to watch!

Sad to say, it's our last day in tinsel-town, Thailand. After spending the day cuddling, we all decided to head out for a night of dancing and fun. I even told them to behave this time, knowing full well these little trouble makers would wind up making a spectacle of themselves in defiance! And sure enough, it was an interesting evening! Ended up with both of them BEGGING for me to fuck them and show me how much they will miss me. Throat-deep, they attacked me! Read More »
Wanting to step thing sup a notch, we hopped on the boat and headed to my favorite deserted island beach to take some breath-taking outdoor paradise photos that will not only have your trousers as pointy as these girls' tiny tits, but also begging to see more. But - there's more to this plan than just photos of romance with paradise... I wanted an outdoor threesome and to fill one of them with my sperm and that is EXACTLY what we did! Read More »
have to admit that in the back of my mind, I always wondered if this was all just maybe an act or as part of a "show" as twins. There's only one good way to test just how horny they are: take them to a club where overt sluttiness is the norm and see just how they act. The Fox Twins were in a good mood all day and when I brought up the idea of going out dancing at night, both of their eyes lit up and I had a feeling I was about to find out just how wild these horny twins can get! Read More »
After an afternoon showing my GFs off to the town, they were noticing my 'rise' in attention down below and it was mere moments before they were spreading their legs and I was stuffing my raging meat-sword deep within those flappin' lil pussy lips - right in the pool! I honestly could not tell you which one I fucked first. Hell, I couldn't even tell you which one deserved my sperm more. But - after a nice long and hard twins threesome fuck on the pool deck, it was time to unleash my mounting pressure of appreciation. Read More »
Presented these hot twins with a superb idea: 5 says of photoshoots in the most paradisiacal location ever. Of couse, I had other tricks up my sleeve and much to my surprise... so did they! These super-horny Hungarian twins really do everything together - even if it means getting fucked bent over a couch until I plaster both their pretty faces with my seed and they fully expected to be at the business-end of my cum-gun right from the get-go! Read More »